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The holidays may be over, but the feelings of fellowship, celebration and good times linger on in this week’s YouTube video that shares some sights and sounds from the 2020 Living Information For Today (L.I.F.T.) Christmas Party held at the Wings Grief Center in Homosassa Springs on December 15. Members of this widows and widowers social network, who share luncheons, outings and activities all year long, gathered to sing some songs, enjoy a holiday feast and get in the spirit of the season with lots of smiles, laughter and storytelling. Having celebrated its 20th anniversary in Citrus County during 2020, L.I.F.T is sponsored by Dignity Memorial funeral providers Fero Funeral Homes and Wilder Funeral Home, and facilitated by Friends of Citrus and the Nature Coast. Anyone who would like to join L.I.F.T. (membership is free, but members pay for personal expenses such as the cost of meals, event tickets, bus rides, accommodations, etc.) can do so by calling Friends of Citrus and the Nature Coast at 352.249.1470.

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What is Reiki Share?

In this new YouTube video ( Reiki Masters Ellen (left) and Betsy give you a brief introduction to this non-invasive, energy-based approach to relaxation and healing.

They also invite you to experience this for yourself by joining them at an upcoming Reiki Share session. Starting January 9 and repeating the second Saturday of each month, they will facilitate three 15-minute sessions at the Wings Grief Center in Homosassa Springs starting at 10:00 a.m.

You may register to attend one session or multiple sessions, but sessions are limited to 10 participants each. So call 352.249.1470 to reserve your spot in advance.

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