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Programs & Services

Grief Support Groups
Groups for newly bereaved and ongoing grief.  Participants will share their experiences with others in a supportive environment and learn coping skills.  They will be educated on the stages of grief and learn how to cope.  They will become aware of community resources and safe socialization opportunities at the Wings Grief Center such as workshops, monthly movies, widow and widowers social group, chair yoga, Café Break and many more.  They will be encouraged to volunteer in the Thrift Shoppes, provide supportive telephone calls, assist with mail or courier.  The participant will validate their grief and move forward with their lives.

Using Social Media as a Grief Resource
A person’s grief does not take a vacation even when something like coronavirus sends shockwaves throughout the world.  The stress, uncertainty and isolation of those who are grieving is magnified by the situation.  The support of family, friends and institutions that usually provide vital healing is not there.
Social media platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom provide a way for a grieving, homebound person to attend support groups from their home and interact with others.  Equipment and technical support is provided as needed.  

The Grief Toolbox
Video presentations and handouts are used to provide essential tools needed to deal with grief.  Discussions provide an opportunity to talk openly about grief.

Camp Good Hope/Teen Encounter
A child’s concept of death and grief is based on age.  Children need information about loss and death at their level.  Children often have a difficult time expressing their feelings about loss and grief.  When children are among their peers, who also have experienced loss, they tend to talk about their thoughts and feelings.  Children who improve their ability to deal with grief and loss issues serve as role models for others and are able to make positive contributions in their community and in society.

Since 1996, Camp Good Hope and Teen Encounter, day Camps have provided an honest, safe environment where kids can learn to talk openly about their loss and improve their ability to cope.  Camps include therapeutic programs, games, friendships and a memorial service.  The parents may attend a support group to discuss their feelings and learn tools to help their children.  Camp participants receive a t-shirt, backpack, water bottle, flying disc, bracelets, a journal and many other items.

Touch-in Telephone Support
People who are isolated and alone will benefit from a friendly telephone call from a trained volunteer to provide socialization and alleviate loneliness.  Volunteers will use evaluation tools and refer problems or need for services to other staff or resources.

Supportive Mailings
Letters, newsletters and educational materials are mailed electronically and US Postal to homebound individuals to assist with their grief.

Grief Support Workshops and Programs
Grief Mythology
Seasons of Grief
Five Wishes:  Living Will Workshop
Surviving the Holidays
Cleaning Out the Clutter
How to Improve Your Memory
Coping With the Loss of a Pet
Good Grief
National Healthcare Decisions Day
National Children’s Grief Awareness Month
Labyrinth Walk
Remembering Mom:  A Mother’s Day Tea
How to Establish New Relationships After Loss
Examining Your Own Grief and Its Impact
Bereavement Healing Through Therapeutic Collage
The Other Faces of Loss
Grief Toolbox
Grief Study Group
Compassionate Friends
Reiki Share
Understanding Your Grief
Appreciating the Unique Grief Needs of Veterans

Social Support and Wellness
L.I.F.T. (Living Information for Today) a partnership with Dignity Memorial to provide widows and widowers organized outings and luncheons that are entertaining, safe and educational.

Café Break
A great place to casually hang out and safely socialize with others who are grieving, work puzzles, play games or chat over a cup of coffee and snacks.

Chair Yoga
A gentle form of yoga using a chair and breathing techniques to relax body and mind, manage stress and improve physical and mental health.

Reiki Share
A non-invasive, energy-based approach to relaxation and healing.  It helps the body heal itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually while improving balance, health and well being

Monthly Movie Matinee
A socialization program with a movie and snacks in a supportive environment for individuals dealing with loss and loneliness. Movies are presented at a variety of locations for individuals who are alone and dealing with grief and loss.  Many assisted living facilities transport members to these movies where participants “snack” and enjoy the company of others.  Movie topics are related to loss and/or grief.  Participants discuss the movie related to their feelings to improve their quality of life.  

Compassionate Friends Nature Coast Chapter
Compassionate Friends was founded over 50 years ago in England when a chaplain
realized that two sets of grieving parents could support each other better than anything that he could offer. Compassionate Friends was established in the Unites States in 1978.  The Nature Coast Chapter is sponsored by Friends of Citrus and the Nature Coast and meet at the Wings Grief Center.  Each Chapter is committed to helping every bereaved parent, sibling or grandparent who has experienced the death of a child by providing personal comfort, hope and support.

Friends of Friends
“Friends of Friends” are members, sponsors and partners who support the mission of Friends of Citrus and the Nature Coast (FCNC) to help people overcome grief and loneliness.

Volunteer Facilitators coordinate holistic wellness programs at the Wings Grief Center.

Herry’s Thrift & Gift Shoppes
Thrift Shoppes in Homosassa and Lecanto help people in our community.  Bargain shopping eases the mind and makes people feel good.  Reducing clutter makes a home safer and makes us feel good.  Donating time or merchandise improves quality of life.  Shopping for bargains makes everyone feel better.  Thrift Shoppe volunteers enjoy helping out and interacting with others.  Thrift Shoppes provide a way for volunteers to socialize and experience a sense of purpose.
Herry’s Market Day 2nd Saturday of each month.  Vendor space available to anyone who wants to sell their “stuff”.