What is Hospice?
An Activity Book
to Help You Understand

Through coloring book illustrations with brief explanations in terms children can understand, and a series of discussion topics that relate a loved-one’s illness to what the child is feeling, this activity/coloring book helps children develop a clear picture of what may be going on around them and helps them process that.

A Cuddle-Up Coloring Book
for Children
Who are Grieving

Exploring the feelings a child may have after a loved one dies, this coloring book provides opportunities for children to express their feelings and understand that they are normal and okay. Activity pages enable children to use their creativity to work through issues that concern them and to validate the important role their loved one played in their life.



Covering everything from Camp Rules for Camp Good Hope and Teen Encounter to Activities, Memories, Thoughts and Feelings, and Looking Forward, the Campers Handbook is a journal that provides worksheets children and teens can complete at camp or on their own at home (and some that they can do together with family). It also provides information about grief, ideas about healing and a page for logging contact information for new friends made at camp.